Saturday, July 13, 2013

Color of the day: COTTON CANDY PINK!

 The color of the day is the famous 

I personally have this color & I can't wait to try it! 

It's one of Manic Panic's best sellers of all time.
(Not to mention also one of the oldest colors still in production)
It has been critically acclaimed by beauty mags all over the world: 

And also trusted by celebs

*Rachel McAdams in Cotton Candy Pink*

Here's some testimonies taken from Manic Panic's official website

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Featured Manic Panic Color: ELECTRIC SUNSHINE

Manic Panic has been around since 1977 and since then have pioneered in extreme hair color. 
 It has been recognized by many fashion & beauty magazines including
The New York Times Style Magazine, Female, Her World and even Vogue (just to name a few).
So I'll be regularly updating NEW pictures of their latest colors regularly as your personal guide.
You can place an order via Avant La Mode's Personal Shopper anytime you want.
Just E-mail me!

Today's featured Color is ELECTRIC SUNSHINE!

Such a perfect shade of sunny blonde right?
Here's a paparazzi photo of Lady Gaga using this color!

1) If you want the color to appear as soft as the first model, leave it on for 30 mins (as recommended by the instructions). BUT if you want to have more noticeable hair like Gaga, leave them on for longer! 2 hours would do the trick ;)
2) Manic Panic is vegan, so no worries about it damaging your hair if you leave it on for too long. It wont. Some have even slept in the stuff. But if you want control over the final color, check ever 15-30 mins or so..

Monday, July 1, 2013

Item:Manic Panic Semi Permanent Hair Dye

Avant La Mode presents Manic Panic to Malaysians!
These vegan hair dyes are NOT available in Malaysia
(for reasons I cannot comprehend)
So all items are pre-ordered straight from the US to your doorstep.
Happy shopping!

Item:Manic Panic Semi Permanent Hair Dye
Price: RM 90
Size: Full Size(118 ML)

*Select colors from the chart*
*All colors are subjected to availability* 
*Local postage not included*
*Google it & see how amazing this is! I can PERSONALLY vouch for it*
*Colors displayed are samples given by MANIC PANIC's OFFICIAL website. Results may very depending on hair color and application method. Goggle is your best friend peeps! So goggle the color if you want more!*
*Advice available, just e-mail me*

Here's a step by step guide to applying Manic Panic's Semi Permanent hair dye  
For more info, Feel free to Google it or email me.

Item: Manic Panic White Toner

Item:Manic Panic White Toner (Virgin Snow)
Price: RM 90
Size: Full Size(118 ML)
Use: The best way to remove unwanted color pigments. Perfect for removing previous hair color, enhancing bleaching effects or getting platinum blonde hair! <3

*Local postage not included*
*Google it & see how amazing this is! I can PERSONALLY vouch for it*
*Advice available, just PM me*

Model after using Manic Panic's Bleaching kit & toner.