Sunday, June 30, 2013

Item: Manic Panic Bleaching Kit (30 Vol & 40 Vol)

Great news babes!
Now you can get the amazeballs Manic Panic Bleaching kit in MALAYSIA!
I've bleached my hair before & this is BY FAR the BEST ONE EVER.

Item: MANIC PANIC Bleaching Kit (30 Vol & 40 Vol)
*Note: The 40 Vol is stronger than the 30 vol. It's more appropriate for us black haired Malaysian girls*
Price: RM 85 

Set Includes: Bleaching powder. Developer. Mixing bowl. Mixing brush. Gloves. Hair cap. Instructions.
*Local postage not included*
*Google it & see how amazing this is! I can PERSONALLY vouch for it*
*Advice available, just e-mail me*

Item: ZARA Inspired Shopper Bag

Item: ZARA Inspired Shopper Bag
Price: RM 80 *RM 480 in stores*
Color: Brown. Black. Red. Blue. Pink. Khaki. Tangerine.
Material: Microfiber Leather.
Height: 32 cm. Length: 35 cm. Width: 12 cm.
Weight: 900 g